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Holley is Shipping - Sort of ...

After many months, I finally received several HP ECUs.

Holley is still having problems shipping full kits, but since I have HP ECUs I can assemble almost any kit you want, by buying harnesses and components separately. Many of the smaller components are available from auto parts stores such as NAPA, so let me know what you want and if Holley can't ship it I'll build it for you.

Rich Pinoski came close in Super Stock at NHRA Sonoma Raceway
July 2023

He runs a Holley Dominator

Rich Pinoski Sonoma 2023-2.jpg
Rich Pinoski Sonoma 2023-3.jpeg


July 19 2023

Holley comes out with the NEW Sniper 2 (finally) and several software fixes (also finally).

It will take me a few days to get these new products on this site, but I'm on it.

Here's a summary:

Click here for Holley Sniper 2 Video

Main Features

  • (NEW) Next generation ECU features improved RFI noise suppression.

  • (NEW) Throttle shaft design. Plates don’t stick. 

  • (NEW) Main harness includes plug-and-play HyperSpark distributor support.

  • (NEW) 3.5-inch Handheld, 5-inch Digital Dash, or the Bluetooth dongle for your cell phone

  • (NEW) Optional Power Distribution Module (PDM) further simplifies wiring.


Additional Features 

  • (NEW) Integrated transmission kick down for GM TH350/400, 200-4R/700R4 and Ford C4/C6.

  • (NEW) “Hidden Harness” exits from the rear of throttle body for a clean appearance 

  • (NEW) I/O consist of: 2x Ground Inputs, 2x Ground Outputs, 1x TPS output (0-5v), and 1x Tach Output .

  • (NEW) Redesigned injector connectors for improved reliability 

  • (NEW) Onboard contactless magnetic TPS sensor ensures an accurate TPS reading  

  • (NEW) Mil-spec style M8 positive lock connector for CAN1 and CAN2.

  • (NEW) Cast-in fuel crossover from the primary to secondary fuel rail.

  • (NEW) Sniper 2 throttle bodies are serialized in house, which provides each unit a birth certificate for an improved customer service and warranty experience in the event of any unit needing to be inspected 


Holley took everything that they learned from the original Sniper EFI system and added 14 new features and fixed some well-known issues.

Holley Price Increase (July 2023)

This seems to be a common occurrence. Over the last two years Holley has increased their prices almost every quarter. Well - some prices have gone up again. All the prices have been updated on this website. The good news is many of the EFI kits did not go up, and those that did were relatively small increases.

Should you hire a professional tuner?
Sniper and Terminator-X people: The quick answer is YES!
Regardless of the system you buy (yes, even Snipers), it should be tuned by an experienced professional. You should consider the "Wizard" tune good enough to start the engine and check for leaks. Then hire a professional to optimize your tune for your combination. After that, you use the handheld as a dash but not for tuning.

Holley Releases New Software (July 19 2023):
The latest HP and Dominator software is V6 Build 310, and for the Terminator-X it's V3 Build 110. Both releases offer significant improvements, but based on our initial testing and Internet feedback, they may not be stable yet. Click HERE to go to the Holley Tech page.

Fun and success at the track this weekend:
Steve Keefer's EBMC LSX Nova that I tune (its picture is at the bottom of all these pages) ran a mid 4 second 1/8 mile and a high 6 second quarter mile. This car is not built for the A-Gas class where the index is 7.60, so he was a little fast (LOL) but we were just testing anyway.


Herk Usrey is new to EFI, and on only his second time out with his car running an HP ECU he figured out his chassis setup and started to win. Herk won the event in Super-Pro and also won his first NHRA WALLY. Big congratulations to Herk.


New Book


My high-tech thriller ENCODED is getting good reviews. Amazon has it, and it has also been released in electronic formats such as Kindle. Read it, and post a review on the Amazon site. Click HERE to go to the Amazon link.

Click HERE to see a video

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