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Cool remote tune session on a supercharged

big block Mopar in a 41 Willys

572" Gen-2 HEMI on the Dyno

Running Holley HP EFI

First fire of the Salt Shark

land speed streamliner 

Cool and green 2

Coll Hot Rod

Cool and green

Dual throttle bodies running Holley EFI

Binary Gen-3
Chal SBM Procharged
LS 700hp 8 Stack
64 Wagon
Nice Ford
Chev II LS
Twin 540s-2
BBM Six Pack right
Ford 8 Stack
Salt Shark
554 Bonnevile Car
440 6-pack side
Another 8-Stack
440 EFI 6-pack
Nice LS2 Camaro with Holley EFI
39 Ford3
LS2 with Holley EFI
39 Ford4
488 Pontiac Engine
79 Grand Am Launch
50 Truck
50 Truck 2
Cool Stang Motor
Cool Stang
454 Turbo Jeep wheelstand


454 Turbo Engine
Salt Shark at Bonneville 2018

I was hoping for a birthday gift of tuning my first 400MPH Bonneville streamliner on my birthday, but we were rained out. Here's a shot from 10/2 when the owner had to run his first restricted qualification run not to exceed 250. He had trouble keeping the car that slow. He ran 264, but they still allowed that and authorized him a full power run, which we never got to because of the rain. Bummer.

Salt Shark Decal

Glad to help out a good customer.

LS7 67 Nova

Just did a remote tune on this beautiful LS7 running V5. Purrrrty.

LS7 8 Stack Motor

Another motor that could pass as jewelry

Bonneville Flyer

Bonneville Flyer: Well now the pressure is on. I had no idea that the Salt Shark would be the car they would use for the Bonneville flyer. Just what I need ... more pressure.

700CI Smooth EFI Chevy

We have all seen nice Chevys, but some just stand out. I remote tuned this 711 cubic inch monster yesterday.

700CI Smooth EFI Chevy Interior
700CI Smooth Big Block

Cool motor!

700CI Smooth EFI Chevy

Ready to breath

SC Mopar

Supercharged big block Mopar running FAST XFI. Video above.

41 Willys

All out drag Willys. ready to rumble

427 to die for

I've got nothing to add.

EFI Cobra

First time out.

427 8 stack 2
The Alcoholic
Alky Motor

Methanol burning 1000 HP running Holley EFI HP.

Buick 231 V6 EFI Engine

Supercharged running Holley HP EFI Version 5.

Nice rod with Buick 231

Who would guess what the engine is?

SEMA car at Meguiars booth

This car is amazing!

427 EFI Ford
MP Car

More fun tuning ... Here's another one I just tuned. Love the color!

MP Engine

700 HP + with 85 lb/hr injectors

Land Speed Runner

I'm excited - This will be going for the single engine worlds record at Bonneville next year. Its ECU is a Holley Dominator that I fired and base tuned yesterday. Next we go to a hub dyno and then speed testing at El Mirage. It's a twin-turbo, front wheel drive, beast.

Land speed cover off

This is a twin turbo beast that should get the car up to 400 MPH +/-

SC 3-bar Holley 1

Pretty is as pretty does. Makes about 19 PSI of boost. Should be a high 8 second combo.

SC 3-bar Holley 2

Very stout Pro-charged Camaro going to the track next week for a Test and Tune session.

Nice C10

Running a Dominator ECU and a 4L60E transmission. Very nice C10.

Nice Holley Camaro

NIce is just nice...

Another cool Cobra

Running Holley EFI

Cobra Dash
427 with Holley EFI
Stange Twin Turbo

No more room for the ice chest?


Another show winner - that RUNS!

Stange Interior

This is too clean for me to sit in.

HEMI with Dominator ECU

Just did another Gen-3 HEMI with a Holley Dominator. Cool car eh?

HEMI with blower swap
gen3 HEMI 1
Hellcar Dart Engine

I think I was one of the first to figure out how to run a Hellcat engine with a Dominator. The dual DBW throttle bodies with one being the boost bleed were a challenge. This thing needs to go on a dyno to see how much horsepower we picked up with the Magnuson and careful tuning. This is the result.

Hellcat Dart Stance

Clean and MEAN

Hellcat Dart -2
Coyote Engine

Made over 550 HP with a Borla 8-stack.

Coyote Car

Old car - New Coyote motor - what's not to like?


Super-Nice Camaro with a 1000 HP big block

Camaro Interior

Yeah - First Class!

Dart 598

Here's the thing that makes it go... I tuned this totally remotely.

32 Ford Engine

Cool retro looking EFI Motor I tuned.

32 Ford Engine2
Old Mercedes

But with a weird motor

Buick Straight 8

Running sequential (don't ask) but only 4 injectors since each intake port feeds two cylinders inside the head - WEIRD!

37 with 622 at track

37 at the track on Methanol

622 bbc

Awesome BBC with an EFI 8-stack remote tuned today and we think... ready for the track.

37 Truck - nice

Qualifies as a show car I think

57 Vette EFI convert

Fuelly small block Vette converted over to EFI. NICE!

57 Vette1

Who doesn't like the 57 Vette, only now it's EFI.

CNP 440

What's cool is that this engine uses Holley PWM outputs for progressive fan speed control.


Pretty Cobra with a 427

Cobra 427 with an 8-stack
Chev-II engine on dyno

650 HP before the 300HP nitrous shot.

Chev-II on dyno 2
572 HEMI on dyno

I tuned a sweet Gen-2 street HEMI on the dyno yesterday running a Holley HP and dual Accufab throttle bodies. 800 HP on pump gas and over 700 ft bs of torque should make the customer happy.

572 Dyno sheet 1
572 HEMI on dyno 2
LS2 in a Vette

Ready to rock and roll

LS2 engine

LS2 24X engine controlled by the Holley Dominator.

88 stang turbo motor
88 stang turbo in car
88 turbo stang running Holley
SBC 8 stack running Holley
Winfield winner

That 509 Ford is the engine in this beautiful "Winfield Award" winning Truck.

509 Ford with Dual TB Hogan 2
509 Ford with Dual TB Hogan 1
Twin Turbo LS

At well over 1000 HP. He plans on increasing the boost from 15 PSI to 25. I'll be at the track when this happens.

Twin Turbo LS

Running the EFI Expert logo.

Twin Turbo big block

Tuning a 540" twin turbo big block. This sucker should haul!

Twin Turbo 540
Jimmy Perry - Winner

Cool video link. Jimmy Perry wins the JeepSpeed race in Pahrump Nevada.

Gift Photo 1

I was humbled today when a customer of mine dropped off a photo of his car for me. I got his EFI system working and tuned the car. There are some really nice people out there. You don't see too many roots blown 49 Cadillacs.

2017 Copo Camaro
Nice Launch
Copo Engine

1000 HP from a Supercharged 350 LS motor

ORIGINAL 427 Cobra

Really. worth about 1.5 Million.

Trunk stuff

Dry sump oiling is in the trunk with pressure fed fuel system.

Original Interior

NOT restored.

Gen3 dragster
Cobra Engine

Dirty, but with plenty of power. EFI woke this car up!

EFI 427 engine.jpg
472 EFI HEMI.jpg
426 EFI 8 Stack Engine

This should motivate the Stang.


Some of the best work I have seen.

1970 Cuda

One of one!

Posi works.
EFI Six Pack

528" All aluminum motor

Holley EFI ONLINE training

Email me for an access code.

Drag Week 2017

Low compression pump gas HEMI running Holley HP. Car runs in the low nines. Here's a link to a video:

Beautiful CNP HEMI

This CNP HEMI is using our new CNP Mopar kit and Holley HP EFI.

700+ HP Hellcat Engine

Running Holley Dominator EFI. Here's a link to a short video

68 Dart

Never saw one like this. Going to Hot August Nights in Reno.

Looks like just a Truck?

Look at the next pic.

8-Stack Big Block

Running FAST EFI

Supercharged LSX

Tuned this today (8-5-17). Enough power to spin the slicks in any gear.


Pretty too.

65 Impala

572 convert with a 572 is cooler than cool.

Clean and Mean 572

Nothing else to say.

Holley Class Hot Rod

This will be the tuning vehicle used at the Holley class.

BBC with AC

Holley HP EFI

Engine left

Come to class and see it run.

3-4 Rear.JPG

Pretty is as pretty does.

3-4 Front.JPG

Yes this car was fast!

Proflow with CNP on Mopar 440

Fits under a flat hood too.

Mopar CNP Kit for Holley Users

This kit will work with either the Holley HP or Dominator systems. This brings state-of-the-art CNP control to the Mopar crowd. Details on the CNP page.

FAST EFI Training

My FAST EFI Seminar ended today. I had a great time and I want to thank the attendees for asking good questions, tolerating my impatience, and I hope they had a good time.

400ci 8 Stack.JPG

Got this high revving small block running today.

Memorial Day  Sonoma 2017.jpg

I drove a friend's car on Memorial Day. Great fun!

Stealthy HEMI Cuda

Nothing more to say. Cool is cool.


472 Gen-2 HEMI running Holley HP

Blown 454 truck

Custom truck running 16 injectors with Holley HP

Blown 454 running 16 injectors

Runs sweet.

69 with FAST EFI

Just another beautiful 69 with EFI you ask? Read on.

Nice 383 Stroker

Nice black on black work too.

Special controls

Special driving controls for the owner. Makes me proud to help him enjoy his car.

Andy and Me at the Dyno

I'm the old guy ... LOL

514 on the Dyno

This engine made 900 HP running Holley HP EFI and me tuning.

Cam Sensor

This is one of several new products that Andy and I will be bringing to market.

Tomahawk Mustang

Got a very nice Coyote engine going today for the "Tomahawk Mustang". This is an award winner!

Tomahawk Coyote Engine

One of the best engines Ford ever produced.

Tomahawk Dash.jpg

High Tech dash doesn't hurt either.

Proud owner

That blown 49 Caddy came out NICE!

Caddy in show

Low but definitely not slow. That's a roots blown Caddy motor running FAST XFI that I tuned.

Big Block EFI Mopar.jpg

Dual Accufab throttle bodies with FAST XFI. Some motors are just "SWEET".

Mopar 6 pack

Love those Mopar big blocks.

Holley Tuning a BB Mopar 6 Pack

Sweet running Mopar with the F&B 6 pack throttle bodies and Holley HP EFI.

FAST XFI on a BB Vette

Soon this 60s Vette will be on the highway.

Tunnel Ram EFI

Tuning a dual throttle body tunnel ram motor for the street.

Black Six Pack EFI Manifold

Not that F&B and us want to do a lot of these custom anodized six packs, but they do look good. We even did the linkage.

New drag car

This dual-fuel car will be testing on the strip very soon.


Holley EFI on a Coil-Near-Plug HEMI.

8 Stack drag car

Running FAST XFI.

On the Dyno

Today I tuned a sweet 572 big block on the engine dyno. It made 927 HP and 783 ft/lbs torque running FAST XFI 2.0 and a 4500 throttle body. I did tunes for both Methanol and C12 race gas. Click this link to see the video:

49 Cadillac

I am a lucky guy because I get to tune cool cars that you just don't see every day. This one will be special when it's done. A 49 Cadillac with a blown 500" Cadillac engine. We got it running last night and it sounds sweet. I'll post a video when we do the final tune on the road.

49 Cadillac Engine

500" Caddy motor with a roots blower and EFI. Very nice sound.

Cool Car

Some cars are just cool, but I didn't expect my company name to be noted. I am humbled.

Logo looks good

No prompting from me, but I do like it.

Cool Mopar 496 big block with CNP

Okay, there are a lot of BB Mopars out there, but how many have configured (3) 2001 Dodge 5.9L 48mm 2 barrel throttle bodies to a six pack manifold, then used a modified cam sensor from a Jeep in order to run (CNP) Coil-Near-Plug ignition along with a 58X (60-2) crank trigger, and a Holley HP LS kit and my tune. My Mopar geek meter is off the charts.

Gen-2 HEMI

This is a good shot showing the new Edelbrock dual inline manifold with black Accufab throttle bodies. NICE!

HEMI Mopar

This is the convertible that houses that dual throttle body HEMI.

EFI 426 on dyno

Beautiful Gen-2 EFI HEMI on the dyno. Note the block color.


Nice little EFI HEMI running a 4500 throttle body ready to take to the streets

Purrrty Stacker

Some engines are just purrrty. Tuned this one yesterday.

Blown Small Block

This sweet motor runs the new FAST dual TBI Sportsman.

Blown HEMI

I'm glad to help get another Blown EFI HEMI humping. This was done right with a14-71 and injectors above and below the blower. This particular engine runs on E85. Not quite Methanol but better than gas.

CNC 6 Pack Manifold

These 6 Pack manifolds are custom designed and CNC machined to compliment the prettiest engine. Price start at $2800 and that includes the manifold, the throttle bodies, progressive linkage, TPS sensor and IAC. For you Mopar guys these even work with Air-Grabber and shaker hoods.

6 Pack 2

Machine works is beautiful with progressive linkage.

Charger Hellcat

Yeah - its a Hellcat


Here's a cool old "Gasser". It's a 350 Chevy with blower and 16 injectors running Holley HP. I love old gassers. This one is running a Holley HP system.

Gasser Motor

GM Small Block with a blower and 16 injectors. How cool is that!

302 Small Block Ford

Tuned a cute 66 Mustang with a 302 and a hot cam. That cam makes this motor lope like a HEMI but it still pulls hard. Sweet daily driver.

502 EFI Motor

This is the 502 that's in the El Camino. This car hauls a$$ and has a 200 HP NOS shot too.

EFI El Camino

It was raining earlier today so this is when the car hasn't even been washed. Nice 5 speed behind the 502.

Procharged 540

What can I say? It's a cool motor.

Cool_Dually, or dual dually.

Okay - you know I tune a lot of interesting cars, but today I tuned a total custom dually truck with 8 REAR WHEELS (yes 8), powered by a 500"+ Cadillac twin turbo engine and an Allison transmission. Runs SWEET!


Twin driven differentials


Twin turbo Cadillac motor - really, NOT a typical big block GM. There's an engine under there.


Yes 8 wheels. Count them.

Procharged LS Engine

404" LS running a Procharger at 16 pounds of boost. Very fast car!

1937 Packard

Is this a cool car or what? Look at the stack injected BBC in the next picture

Packard Motor

EFI stack injected BBC.

68 Charger

What can you say about the 1968 Charger except one of the most beautiful cars ever designed by Chrysler.


All aluminum 572" EFI Mopar wedge

68 Charger

Looks lean and mean.

Redding 9-18-16-2.JPG

Redding CA Made it to the final round where I lost with a .007 red light.

Rich at Sonoma

Well another friend (who also must have had a temporary loss of judgement) let me drive his beautiful 1962 Dodge .

Rich at Sonoma

A friend who had a temporary loss of judgement let me drive his small block Mopar that runs low tens.

Bike with Holley.jpg

88" turbo bike with Holley HP.

1972 Demon

Small block Mopar with a 6-71 and 16 injectors. I think the blower popping its head up between the scoops is cool.

Blown Small Block Mopar

Nothing else to say except - cool!

68 Camaro

Now THIS is one nice Camaro.

Camaro Engine

Just a little 572" big block for that beautiful Camaro.

427 LS Car

This car is getting ready for Hot August Nights next week in Reno NV. As they say the beauty is in the details and if you see this car and you spend the time you would be very impressed.

427 LS Motor

Tuned a veeerrryyy nice 427 LS motor today in that beautiful car, that's getting ready for Hot August Nights in Reno NV.

Right Hand Drive Jensen

Is this a nice installation or what? That's a 440 Mopar with Hilborn 8 stack. Note also it's right-hand drive.

Jensen Hilborn Stacks

Some nice work here

Jensen Hilborn 440
Root Blown 440 in 1946 Plymouth

EFI with 16 injectors

1946 Plymouth dash

This is basically an original 1946 Plymouth with the original instrument cluster and everything works. You just don't see blown Mopars in a car like this.

427 in a side-pipe Cobra

I tuned this 427 Cobra engine. The trick was to keep it from popping through the pipes on deceleration.

Gen-3 HEMI

Love tuning those Gen-3 HEMIs

Twin Turbo 540

Some engines just look right!

Cool 6.1 HEMI in a T-Bucket

Stack injection, EFI, 6.1 Gen 3 HEMI, in a T-Bucket. What's not to like?

Holley EFI

Holley HP LS powered Sand Runner

Holley EFI LS Motor
426 gen 3 HEMI

Very cool engine with dual turbos in a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner.

Big Block Chevy

Really screaming 555 BBC. This car will break the tires loose while at freeway speeds.

All aluminum 409

I just had to add a picture of this engine even though it has carburetors. If you remember, the 409 was a very cool GM engine from the early 1960s, but have you ever seen an all aluminum one? I never had.

Turbo Sand Rail

Holley HP on a 4 cylinder Toyota with a turbo.

In Old Town Columbia California

Found a good high-res picture that we took in Columbia California of my 1964 EFI HEMI Dodge.

The Dodge's HEMI

This is the HEMI that's in the 64 Dodge. It's the motor I built for my book "How to Build Max-Performance HEMI Engines"

EFI Cobra motor

This car is too light for this motor.

Cool graphics
Coil-On-Plug HEMI

On of my first COP HEMIs using Lexus coils that fit down the spark plug tubes.

Blown 440 Mopar

Love the 16 injector hat.

Blown 440

One of my favorite E bodies

Cool tune

Tuned a cool small block with a Procharger on the chassis dyno today.

Cool tune 2
HEMI 68 Charger

Beautiful HEMI 68 Charger that I worked on. Love the red bead-locks, exhaust dumping out behind the front wheels and the cowl induction hood.

144" 400 HP 4 banger

144 cubic inch EFI Turbo 4 cylinder Ford that's making over 400 HP and almost 500 ft/lbs at only 5500 RPM. Cool motor!

1965 Buick Special Wagon

You just don't see cars like this anymore and it has NOT been restored, only painted.

455 Buick Engine

Very clean motor running a FAST Sportsman and the EZ throttle body.


Just a little 572" HEMI for cruising around.

Cool Vet

Runs as you would expect - FAST!

Cool Vet Motor

540", 16 60 lb/hr injectors

Cool Vet Blower

Love the look.

EFI Hemi1

Clean and mean HEMI


With dual throttle bodies. Very fast car.

Sonoma win 3-27-26

Customer Jeff Shaw wins at Sonoma. I'm the old guy on the left trying not to block the fastmanefi logo.

Jeff Shaw Launch

Just about perfect. The name "Iron Worm" is a tribute to a Vietnam military vehicle.

Tuning from the passengers seat

1972 Charger with 528" KB aluminum BB Mopar with PSI blower, 16 injectors and unique coil-near-plug ignition.

Information card next to car
Tall enough for you?
The Motor

Can you say "bling?"

Blown Landshark

The first blown, methanol burning, EFI Landshark dragster running coil-near-plug distributor-less ignition.

428 LS3 car-1.jpg

Cool, fast car running Holley EFI HP, 85 lb/hr injectors on E85.

428 LS3 engine-1.jpg

428 LS3 with coils under the custom valve covers. This is a major runner.

1962 Dodge Dart

493" Mopar

57 LS Chevy

Holley EFI HP

1968 HEMI Charger
It's a HEMI

Collectors dumping out right behind the front wheels and cool HEMI badge.

572 BBC EFI on Methanol

160 lb/hr injectors, 4500 Accufab throttle body, Holley fuel system.

Fast Man EFI happy

Nice bald spot

EFI Camero

This is a sub nine second Camaro being converted to EFI. I'm only doing the tuning.

HEMI looks great

It looks right at home in the 68 Charger

HEMI Charger

It looks bad-ass with the headers dumping out right behind the front wheels.

HEMI Charger launch

I was late on the photo and out of focus, but hey, I'm not a photographer. 150+ MPH isn't too bad for a 3600+ lb car.

LS Camaro
LS Camaro engine

Really trick LS de-stroked to 302 with hidden coils that I just tuned. Sweet runner with Sportsman XFI.

Super Bee HEMI

I just tuned this 572" HEMI in a Super Bee.

HEMI Super Bee Trunk

Tracks left from the 68 Charger

Turbo HEMI 1000pix.jpg

This is the Turbo HEMI in that 68 Charger video I posted.

Blown Williys 2000pix.JPG

We tuned and drove this Willys today. What a kick!

EFI Camaro Small Block.jpg

Mega Small Block running XFI

EFI Camaro.jpg

Major show winner too.

Progress on a new HEMI I'm building
Does Hogan do nice work, or what?
Nice Coronet 800pix.jpg
EFI Six Pack 800pix.jpg
34 Ford XFI-XIM 8 stack engine with CNP 800pix.jpg
34 Ford XFI-XIM 8 stack CNP 800pix.jpg
Hemi engine green 1 800pix.JPG
HEMI in 64 Dodge 800pix.JPG
SRT Carlisle08 engine_350PIX.jpg
Roots EFI Hemi on dyno left 600 pixels.jpg
1969 HEMI Sixpack 600pix.jpg
EFI Injection option 600 pix.jpg
Supercharged 572 Street Rod Engine.jpg
Twin Turbo 351 1.JPG
Blown Charger under dash 800pix.jpg
Blown Charger C-O-P 1000 HP engine 800pix.jpg
Blown HEMI Burnout 500pix.JPG
Blown HEMI Engine 500pix.JPG
The Iron Worm.jpg
Nice HEMI 800pix.jpg
Hellcat HEMI 800pix.jpg
1969 HEMI Charger high res.jpg
1969 HEMI 600pix.jpg
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