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AR Engineering is a well-known high-quality designer and supplier for Mopar aficionados. AR Engineering was initially focused on designing and building parts for the 60s to 70s Mopar muscle cars but has since expanded to provide the highest quality parts for the high-performance Mopar EFI market, such as Cam-Sync sensors and Crank Triggers for low deck B blocks.

This page only shows a sample of the AR product line, but we can supply anything AR makes. Check them out at



AR Engineering Cam sensors for Mopar B (low deck) engines. Hall Effect sensor provides noise-free full battery voltage swing cam signal 180 degrees on and 180 degrees off for a precise non-ambiguous setup. With this information, the engine can start quicker. The sensor is an OEM product readily available at any auto parts store. The shaft is inherently in balance to 5000 RPM (10000 crank RPM).

AR Engineering Crank sensor mounts are set up to use noise-free hall effect sensors, both the MSD thread size (using the Holley 554-118 MSD replacement sensor) and the much smaller Metric M12x1 size (Holley 554-124) as well. Mounts are available for normal timing covers or for belt drive systems.



We offer the very popular AR438 coolant temperature sensor spacer and the AR134S, which is a wider, throttle bracket designed to fit the Holley Sniper throttle body for use with stock Mopar throttle cables.

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