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The SNIPER-2 Family

Main Features

  • (NEW) Next generation ECU features improved RFI noise suppression.

  • (NEW) Throttle shaft design. Plates don’t stick. 

  • (NEW) Main harness includes plug-and-play HyperSpark distributor support.

  • (NEW) 3.5-inch Handheld, 5-inch Digital Dash, or the Bluetooth dongle for your cell phone

  • (NEW) Optional Power Distribution Module (PDM) simplifies wiring.


Additional Features 

  • (NEW) Integrated transmission kick down for GM TH350/400, 200-4R/700R4 and Ford C4/C6.

  • (NEW) “Hidden Harness” exits from the rear of throttle body for a clean appearance 

  • (NEW) I/O consist of: 2x Ground Inputs, 2x Ground Outputs, 1x TPS output (0-5v), and 1x Tach Output .

  • (NEW) Redesigned injector connectors for improved reliability 

  • (NEW) Onboard contactless magnetic TPS sensor ensures an accurate TPS reading  

  • (NEW) Mil-spec style M8 positive lock connector for CAN1 and CAN2.

  • (NEW) Cast-in fuel crossover from the primary to secondary fuel rail.

  • (NEW) Sniper 2 throttle bodies are serialized in house, which provides each unit a birth certificate for an improved customer service and warranty experience in the event of any unit needing to be inspected 


The Sniper-2 family offers some cool new features but they can be confusing.  For example the fuel pressure regulator is now external and not part of the throttle body. And Holley also developed a Power Distribution Module or PDM to help with the installation. The PDM is NOT required, but can be a great help when starting a new installation.


We decided to not offer Sniper-2 kits that include the fuel regulator and inline pump because they are not the best way to go. Inline pumps are noisy and the regulators are lower quality.  When you buy a system from us, we'll provide higher quality components.

So - if you are starting from scratch and buying a NEW Sniper-2 here are the choices we offer:

If you are upgrading from a Sniper-1 to a Sniper-2 here are the choices we offer:

There are four UPGRADE kits. Shiny and Black, with or without the fuel regulator, in case you already have a Sniper-1 and want to upgrade without changing the wiring in the car.

550-510-3AX Shiny, no regulator

550-511-3AX Black, no regulator

550-510-3AE Shiny, with separate regulator

550-511-3AE Black, with separate regulator

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