Holley and FAST: Help With Tuning

Many people have asked me what it takes for a professional tune.


There are THREE levels:


1) Remote Tuning: Currently the trend is "Remote Tuning". This is where I connect to your laptop via the Internet and tune your engine as if I were sitting next to you while we talk on the phone. This has been very successful because you get some training at the same time. You need high speed Internet at the car. This technique can be used for tuning while your car or engine is on a dyno as well. This takes at least two hours and the fee is $300.

2) Via Email: if you are one of my customers, this email tuning help is FREE. I email you a program custom built for your engine as a starting point. If you are not a current customer, I can either build you a startup tune from scratch or you can email me a copy of the tune you have, hopefully with a short log or two. We swap emails until complete. $200.

3) On Site: I charge a fixed fee plus expenses, whether it takes one day or several days.  In other words I charge for the tune, not by the hour.  $500 and you cover travel costs.

All Fees are paid via PayPal.

Call me to discuss the details and how to get started.