One-On-One Training and Tuning

There are TWO levels to one-on-one training/tuning - and I also offer a stand-alone online course at the bottom of this page that you can do on your own.


1) Remote Training/Tuning: I connect to your laptop via the Internet and walk you through the software step by step. It's as if I were sitting next to you while we talk on the phone. Then I tune your engine. This has been very successful because you get trained at the same time. You need high-speed Internet at the car, and Teamviewer (it's free) installed on your Windows 10 laptop. This technique can also be used while your car or engine is on a dyno as well. This takes three to four hours and the fixed fee is $300.

2) On-Site: I can come to you - although this is becoming rare as remote tuning over the Internet is fast and easy. I charge a $500 fee plus expenses, whether it takes two hours or all day.  

To proceed:

- Fill out the form below and tell me what you need.

- You must call to get scheduled.

- You must have high-speed Internet access.

- You must use a Windows 10 laptop.

- You must have TeamViewer installed on your laptop.

- If your engine requires a timing light – then have one ready.

- For remote sessions, I must be able to talk to you while the engine is running.

Fill out this One-On-One training/tuning form and then call me with questions at 209-247-6497

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Stand-Alone ONLINE Training Course for Holley EFI.

What's covered:

Stand-Alone online training gets you familiar with the Holley software. You don't need to call me.

This course covers the basics and exposes you to the Holley EFI product line. It gets you comfortable with the Holley screens, discusses installation issues, file management, parts and sensors, fuel systems, basic tuning, and data logging. Watch me build two tunes from SCRATCH (a streetcar and a methanol-burning race car) while you hear me explain what I'm doing in real-time. This training does NOT cover power adders such as boost control or nitrous. This is intended for Holley Sniper, Terminator, Terminator-X, HP, and Dominator users who need some training and understanding of the Holley software.


Due to the high resolution of the images, the interactive videos, and the full narration, it has to be hosted on the cloud. This means that none of your laptop memory is used and only a link is loaded on your computer. You just click the link. The course does not time out and you can come back as often as you like. 

Click on the purchase button below. You will receive a link to start the training.

It never times out, so you can come back at any time for review.

It runs on any computer, even your cell phone.

It is fully indexed so you do not have to watch anything that you already know.

Only a link is downloaded to your PC.

Call me at 209-247-6497 with questions.

Pricing is still only $75

(*** My existing Holley customers can email me for a FREE link ***)