Holley and FAST: Help With Tuning

A remote Tuning/Help customer asked me to post this for him. Thanks Steve:


"I needed a tune to correct multiple problems with my 1988 Fiero GT/V8 SBC. The 355 SBC had previously developed 427 HP on an engine dyno with a 4 BBL.


The EFI HP problems included surging, starting, driveability, etc. Fast Man EFI (Rich Nedbal) was the perfect solution. Rich picked up the phone when I called, and we had a long conversation about the car. Scheduling was easy, and the entire remote process was smooth. Rich took the time to explain every change while I watched. Once the existing Holley HP tune was thoroughly reviewed and corrected on my laptop, we moved on to the car. In my case, the ECU needed a firmware update, significant effort on fuel maps, AE maps, IAC, TPS, etc. to correct problems found via data logs. Rich is an expert, pays attention to every detail, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone.


Steve Anderson"


Many people have asked me what it takes for a professional tune.



There are TWO levels:



1) Remote Training/Tuning: I connect to your laptop via the Internet and walk you through the software step by step. It's as if I were sitting next to you while we talk on the phone. Then I tune your engine. This has been very successful because you get trained at the same time. You need high speed Internet at the car, and teamviewer (it's free) installed on your Windows laptop. This technique can be used while your car or engine is on a dyno as well. This takes three to four hours and the fixed fee is $300.

3) On Site: I charge a fixed fee plus expenses, whether it takes two hours or all day.  In other words I charge for the tune, not by the hour.  $500 and you cover travel costs.

Fees are paid via PayPal or credit card.

Download the Registration Form below, the call me to discuss the details.