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The Terminator-X family is the next step after the Sniper. It's a powerful ECU that is separate from the throttle body. It's almost an HP or a Dominator, but not quite. The harnesses do make installation to most engines almost plug-and-play.


* Support for port and TBI injection.

* The X-Max versions support drive-by-wire and transmission control.

* Built-in 1bar map sensor, but external map sensors can be used.

* 4 Inputs – for additional sensors (Fuel &Oil inputs do not use any of those 4 inputs.)

* 4 Outputs – for accessories such as; fans, boost control, nitrous, etc.

* Turbo Boost and Nitrous Control.

* Stealth carb-looking versions.

* Dual throttle body systems for superchargers and tunnel rams.


So what do you give up if you don't have an HP or Dominator?

* Injector drivers can only drive a single set of high-impedance injectors.

* Datalogging is not automatic.

* The ECU is not waterproof.

* No wideband O2 options. (Gas and E85 only)

* Stepping through the Wizard on the handheld will get your engine started, but it is recommended that a professional tuner be used for optimum results.

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