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FAST Sportsman XFI Systems

The Sportsman XFI was created to fit between the EZ systems and the XFI. The fuel table is fully self-tuning just as with the EZ systems, but It also allows laptop control for radical cams in race engines, cold start, AE fuel, alternative fuels, boost, NOS, etc.  There’s even a Sportsman XFI kit that includes the EZ-2.0 throttle body, a simple harness, and 8 throttle body injectors that can easily handle > 800 HP. The injectors are phased so the low end can be tamed.  The Sportsman drives High-Z injectors and runs in bank-to-bank mode, therefore only a crank trigger or a normal locked-out distributor is required.


And when you buy your Sportsman system from us we will build you a custom program specific to your engine for free.

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