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01/27/20: Wondering how to Pin or Depin the connector we use for our CNP for Mopars Cam Sensor? We added an in depth document at the bottom on the CNP for Mopars page that you can download.
09/28/19: Holley announced a NEW 6.8" Pro-Dash. Go to the Holley Dominator page for more info...
But these dash's work with both the HP systems and Dominator systems.
09/16/19: Holley has announced more Sniper systems and options. Go to the Holley Sniper page for more info...

From Aftermarket News 2/4/20:

Edelbrock LLC, has announced the acquisition of the COMP Performance Group, including brands as COMP Cams, TCI, FAST, RHS, ZEX, Inglese and others.


Let's see what that does to the industry...

Our CNP Cam Sync module was featured in an upcoming Hot Rod magazine article. You can get all the tech stuff on this site under Products/CNP for Mopars. Here's a link to the article:

I tuned this car on the chassis dyno 8-09-19

Short video of a 16 injector blown small block. Pictures of the car below in the photo area.
Here's the video of a Gen-3 426 HEMI with a Kenne Bell blower that I tuned. A few pictures below too.
And here's a cool video of that Drag Week HEMI, running a Holley HP, two throttle bodies, and he wins two races on the same night
I tuned both these Camaros today. The blue Camaro is a beautiful street car putting down 420HP+ RWHP, and the white Camaro is the twin turbo pictured below that made 1000 RWHP.