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Extras and Accessories

Any EFI installation will require the support and expertise of an experienced EFI professional. We can provide all the additional parts you may need to complete your installation including any/all aftermarket fuel components, Bosch, Siemens or Delhi fuel injectors all the way past 700 lbs/hr with any fuel.  We can also provide custom remote tuning for your Holley or FAST systems.

We cannot list all the available fuel injectors.  To quote them we’d need the maximum expected horsepower, fuel type, desired connector style (EV1, EV6, etc.), and any special features such as LS7 shorty style etc.

We can also provide special induction kits such as fuel rails, injector bungs for manifold conversion, Roots blower hats, Hilborn style stack injection, and the 6 Pack throttle bodies.  If you can dream it - we can provide it!


Below is just a short list of items, but we can provide harnesses and sensors for virtually and EFI system.


Here's a video showing some F&B six-pack configurations:

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