Welcome to EFI Expert and FAST Man EFI


People have asked why are there two web sites. EFI Expert is for Holley products and FAST Man EFI is for FAST products. The both link to the same site but when the web site was called fastmanefi.com only, people thought that FAST was all we did.

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Welcome to EFI Expert and FAST Man EFI


We sell and support Holley, FAST, and all the accessories, such as fuel injectors, fuel systems, sensors, etc. If it’s EFI we can provide it. But we are known to provide the best technical support to our customers. We answer the phone! It’s our image and our heritage.


We are very active in the industry to make sure we keep up with current EFI technology, whether it’s a no laptop self-tuning system for a street car, or an all-out race car running boost, nitrous, and swallowing exotic fuels.


This web site is an E-commerce site where you can choose products if you know what you want. But we want to talk to you to make sure you are going in the right direction and your expectations are met. Later when you have questions, you call us!  If you need training, call us.