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FAST XFI Systems

The professional level FAST XFI will run any engine. The fuel table is fully self-learning just as the other systems, but it also allows laptop control for radical cams, cold start, pump-shot fuel, alternative fuels, boost, internal NOS control, individual cylinder control of both fuel and timing, etc. The XFI drives Low-Z or High-Z injectors, and options include internal datalogging without a laptop, traction control, or support for 16 injectors. The XFI can run in either bank-to-bank or sequential. All sequential systems require a crank and a cam signal so here's where the dual-sync distributor comes in.  There are many other ways to trigger this system that are explained on the Technical Info page. A direct can-bus interface to the XIM ignition controller allows coil-on-plug operation (such as plug-and-play kits for Gen-3 HEMIs).


An XFI system will require an additional main harness, an injector harness (injector connectors vary in style), throttle body(s), ignition source (such as a dual-sync distributor), and injectors (specifically sized to your engine). Port injection is assumed.  

There are numerous special kits that include everything from the manifold to the fuel system (just ask).


And when you buy your XFI system from us we will build you a custom program specific to your engine for free. This is a very valuable feature that will save many hours.

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