Selection Criteria


Below is a simple chart that shows the capabilities of each system followed by a list of the typical mistakes. But the most common question I get asked is, “Which system do I like?” - Fast or Holley.  The honest answer is, "It depends."  


The FAST systems have a great history, have high customer satisfaction, and come in bundled configurations that make it easy to select and install.  The Sportsman and XFI offer the high-end user support for NOS, turbo boost control, will handle any engine regardless of fuel type and all this for a reasonable price.


The Holley systems offer capabilities that most people don’t even know about.  Like all the ECUs are the same and use the same software, and direct LS style coil-near-plug ignition drivers and transmission controllers are built in, and they support drive-by-wire, and user configurable inputs and outputs. All this flexibility means systems need to be configured harness by harness.  The Dominator ECU offers so many features that in a race car you can replace all the gauges, and the entire data logging system, with one box, using staged injectors, that would cost less than the data logging system you started with.  In other words the EFI portion would end up being free.


So call me!  Talk to me! Let’s discuss what you really need and potential future requirements.  I’ll bundle the correct components, build you a custom program if needed, and get you going with minimal hassle.

Most Common Mistakes:

All Systems:

* Fuel pressure should be set with the engine off and regulator should be vacuum regulated.

* You must have 12V at both crank and run with no drop out in between.

* Verify the reference timing using the fixed timing modes.

* You didn’t check all the tables.  Some sample programs are just that - samples.  Every table must be checked.

* You didn't auto-calibrate the TPS.

* Basic ignition timing wasn't set using fixed timing test mode.

* Didn’t recalibrate the TPS after mechanical throttle changes.

* You need a good base program before relying on “Learning”

* Warm up fuel being added keeps the system out of closed loop.

* Your Injector Offset vs Battery Voltage is wrong.