Cool remote tune session on a supercharged big block Mopar in a 41 Willys

Pretty good success for the first pass with no tuning other than startup. Ran under the index anyway. Much more to come as the tune gets dialed in.


572" Gen-2 HEMI on the Dyno

Running Holley HP EFI


528" all Aluminum Cuda with an EFI six pack. Pics on the Photos page


I tuned this really cool formula car today on a chassis dyno.

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Salt Shark at Bonneville 2018

I was hoping for a birthday gift of tuning my first 400MPH Bonneville streamliner on my birthday, but we were rained out. Here's a shot from 10/2 when the owner had to run his first restricted qualification run not to exceed 250. He had trouble keeping the car that slow. He ran 264, but they still allowed that and authorized him a full power run, which we never got to because of the rain. Bummer.