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Holley Terminator Systems

The Holley Terminator systems are very impressive self-learn systems that do not require a laptop.  For most engines it’s plug it in and go. But for those engines that have radical cams, the Terminator allows you to connect with a laptop and adjust the program as required.  So it provides the best of both worlds. Since the basic ECU is the same as the Dominator you have all the features that you need including coil-near-plug ignition control, transmission control, multi-fuel, drive-by-wire control, and even LS support for crate motors.  Upgrade and add features later with a free a software download.  There’s a lot of power in this little package.


There are many Terminator options and system combinations.  Call us!



Standalone Engine Management, at a budget price. Plug and Play with LS1 - LQ4 - LQ9 - L33, or any other Junkyard LS Hero, or Crate Engine!

  • Plug and play LS engine control

  • GM Drive-by Wire Throttle Body Control (Terminator X Max Only)

  • GM Transmission Control (Terminator X Max Only)

  • Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Control (Will not work with LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensors)

  • On-Board Diagnostic LEDS for: ECU Power – Engine Run – Wideband Status – TPS Calibration – Crank Signal – Cam Signal. Allow you to identify any Critical engine issues at a glance

  • Built in 1bar MAP Sensor, vacuum hose adapters included (1/8th – ¼ and 3/16ths) - or for Boosted applications, you can disable the internal MAP sensor, and utilize an external LS MAP Sensor, the harness comes with the connector terminated, making the installation a snap.

  • 4 Inputs – 12v, Ground, 5v, and Frequency, for things such as additional pressure sensors, or activation triggers for nitrous activation, or a trans brake (Fuel and Oil Pressure Inputs are pre-terminated)

  • 4 Outputs – Ground, PWM - , for accessories such as; fans, boost control, nitrous control, IAC Kit, and More

  • Boost Control – Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear, Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Boost Safeties

  • Nitrous Control – Single Channel of Wet or Dry, Progressive or Non-Progressive, Rich/Lean Safeties, and target Closed Loop AFR

  • Advanced Tables – 4x 1D Tables, 1x 1D per Gear Table, 4x 2D Tables, 1x 2D per Gear Table

  • Integrated Datalogging to the 3.5” Handheld SD Card

  • Free EFI Tuning Software for complete control of your Terminator X power plant

Download this WORD file (docx format)

and review the tradeoffs.

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