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Snipers can be confusing because there are many different types.
Here is a Sniper Quick Reference guide.
Sniper Chart.jpg

September 2019: Holley continues to add to the Sniper family of products. Below are two links that will help you understand the offerings:

May 2018: Introducing the Sniper Stealth 4500 8-Injector EFI System! Wanting to convert your Dragster or Pro-street vehicle to Fuel Injection? Look no further! The Sniper Stealth 4500 EFI system from Holley features 8, 100LB/HR Fuel Injectors capable of supporting 800 to 1500 HP naturally aspirated, or 800-1250 HP on forced induction applications. The Sniper Stealth 4500 also features multiple Input and Output options for sensor inputs and switched outputs to control external relays. This system also comes with a USB to CAN tuning cable and free downloadable Sniper EFI Software gives you unlimited control of your engine.

Click here for a cool video ...


April 2018: You TWO BARREL guys now have your own Sniper too!


Talk about bang for your buck! Holley just brought EFI within range - introducing Sniper EFI! It’s economically priced so you can have all the benefits of EFI and still have money to finish or upgrade the rest of your ride! Perfect for street rods, muscle cars, off-road trucks, or nearly any carbureted vehicle. Put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding.


Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning kits handle up to 650 HP, include the handheld EFI monitor, and are pretty too. Everything is built in the TBI unit including the ECU. Simple 4 wires to connect to the car.


Here's a cool video:

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