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Holley Dominator EFI Systems

The Dominator takes over where the HP leaves off.  I really have to talk to you to discuss the capabilities and the correct harnesses for a Dominator installation.  But let me just highlight a few points:


12 cylinder capable, with dual O2s

Transmission control, drive by wire, store and recall multiple programs, staged injectors.

32x32 resolution, built in scope, 

All hardware is built in.  No hardware upgrades required and your program is password protected.

Built in internal datalogging of all data to 4 gig!



User configurable inputs and outputs that you would not believe:


Yes, the Dominator is an EFI ECU that can control your engine, but it can do everything else first:

Using its user programmable I/Os and dash you can monitor and control ALL sensors, ALL switches, ALL gauges with full datalogging, NOS and boost control, and everything else.  So the question for a racer is, "Is it just EFI, or something else entirely?"  I have a racer that removed all his electronics, all his analog guages, even his Racepak and replaced it all with a single Dominator and dash. 


As with the HP it's very hard to list Ecommerce selections since every one would have a unique combination of harnesses and sensors.  You have to talk to me.


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