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I am selling this HEMI for a customer of mine.


This is a 472" HEMI that I built 8 years ago. About 4 months back the customer added the Edelbrock dual quad manifold, (2) Accufab throttle bodies, Holley HP EFI, dual-sync dizzy, port injection. He brought it to me because it was running poorly. Turns out he had messed up when he installed the intake manifold gaskets. I corrected that and the engine is fine with less that 1500 miles on it.  Now he's going to do a HELLCAT crate motor so this motor is up for sale.

Mopar Iron Block, Mopar aluminum heads, solid roller with Crane oil-through-the-pushrod lifters, JE pistons, Eagle crank, Indy Rockers. I built the engine and have the complete blueprinting sheet. This was NOT a crate motor. He wants $20K which is very reasonable since he has almost 4K in the EFI system alone.


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