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Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are the best on the market.  All FIC injectors are flow matched and come with all the tuning data you or your tuner will need. A little higher priced, perhaps, but worth it! 

We LOVE FIC injectors!​

All FIC injectors are high-impedance and are designed for use with both gasoline and E85 and many with Methanol.  FIC has the most comprehensive injector equipment in the industry, matching both flow rate and individual offset values going well beyond the industry standards. This precise level of matching has attracted partners such as Holley and all NHRA Pro-Stock race cars.  Fuel Injector Clinic’s DATA MATCH TECHNOLOGY IS SO GOOD THE PROS USE IT……. AND YOU CAN TOO!

The following injectors are three common types, but we can provide almost any variant - JUST CALL US.

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