Tuned a very cool Blown big block.
I really like the "old style"
Hilborn port injector

Fast boat

There are fast boats...
and then there are FAST BOATS.

Twin 1000+ HP motors
makes for an interesting ride.
Finshed this motor today (11/19/13)
548" BBC on pump gas
738 HP!

Perfect street motor.
Heck, I'll tune any FAST EFI motor
even a boat!

632" BBC
in a 57 Chevy.

Award winning...

I just finished building and dyno testing an EFI blown HEMI on Alcohol.
It made over 1600 HP at only 13 lbs of boost.

You can see a short video on YouTube:



It may perform like a race engine but it's not.
The numbers all happened on simple 91 octane pump gas.

Here's a dyno video:


This big block 508" mopar turned out to be a very stout piece. 
With Edelbrock Victor heads,
F&B 6 Pack throttle bodies and a simple
flat tappet cam we made over 600 ft lbs of torque from 3000 RPM up and 675 HP.

Very nice 426 HEMI
with Hilborn stack injection
and XFI 2.0 EFI

Sweet street motor.
525+ ft/lbs at low RPM
500+ HP at 6000
Stack HEMI

This 427 Roush motor ran great


Very nice 427 Cobra with Stack Injection
Couldn't keep it hooked up
in first or second.

Now this is a nice GTO!
It's mounted on a Dynapak chassis dyno.


Can you believe 728HP?
Yet idle around town all day ...


Very nice, award winning Vette with a
Procharger F1R pushing near 1000 HP.

If you look up "FAST Car" in the dictionary
this car should appear.


Very well built small 410" small block.

Note the cutout in the hood
for blower clearance.  Tasteful...

Cool Cobra replica with a small block Ford

Ran great and much faster that you would think

Gen3 HEMI Truck

Cool 5.7 Gen-3 HEMI truck

Ran like a top!

GT 40

Tuned a Ford GT40 today.
What a beast!

GT-40 engine

Here's a very cool hotrod
powered by an EFI HEMI
in a garage to die for!
At Test and Tune

Well, we finally made it to a Test and Tune session. Here's the Landshark dragster with the HEMI ready to go.  It performed as expected as will be discussed in detail in an upcoming article in Mopar Muscle magazine.  It was a real rush to drive!

Here are a couple of videos:
Launched at full power for .1 second, then 21% throttle for 3.5 seconds, then slowly went to full power.
This is me right after the pass when my crew came to get me.

Finished HEMI ready for dyno This is a  blown EFI HEMI on Methanol that will be covered in an upcoming issue of Mopar Muscle.

As of Feb 1 2013

We just came back from testing the blown HEMI engine.  Our target was about 1300 HP because that's all we need to run the number we wanted.  We figured about 10 lbs of boost would do it.  We had to keep changing pulleys to get the boost down, and at 1:1 drive ratio we had 8 lbs.  The torque was too high for the dyno to hold the motor at any RPM below 5700 so we had to start the pull there and since this was our first pull we wanted to stop at a conservative 7000 RPM.  We had 1160 ft lbs of torque and over 1400 HP and it was climbing on a steady slope.  More information to come, but since this engine build will be chronicled in an upcoming article in Mopar Muscle I can't go into all the details here.
HEMI On Dyno

It finally made it to the dyno!

Dyno screen

This engine will do 1500 HP at 7500 RPM, and with a little more boost this engine could do 2000 HP

That's crew member Mark, on the left, and Dave Timmons, the owner of Mopar Engines West, on the right.
Fortunately I'm not in this picture.

Two pictures of customer cars at the NHRA Division-7 ET Finals last week.

This R5 is a late model NASCAR style 
small block Mopar engine that I helped tune.

Normally aspirated this little 358" engine made over 
875 HP at 9000 RPM!  That's screaming.

It uses the FAST XFI system and a FAST 4150 throttle body

Beautiful 427 Ford Cobra

More power than we knew what to do with.

Geeeze - Another stack engine!
I can tune normal engines too!

Believe it or not, this is a street car with a Lenco!
An 800 HP FAST stack injected BBC with a Lenco
sure is fun to ride in and tune.

6.1 Gen-3 HEMI in a 1970 Challenger running FAST XFI 2.0.
This car runs in the high 9s.

I just tuned this b e a u t i f u l 
1957 Chrysler 300C HEMI Convertible.


This is the engine.
It's a 392 HEMI with FAST XFI stack fuel injection


Try out the "Cuda Chick" in Tennessee. 
Her name is Leanna and she runs
Phoenix Specialty Coatings.
I know it seems weird for someone in CA
to ship his stuff back east, but in my experience it's relationships that count, and Leanna is great.
You might give her a call 
and mention me as the contact.

Very nice B1 motor in a 68 Charger running XFI 2.0
First test and tune netted 9.2 ETs at > 144 MPH.

Very old HEMI in a 1965 Plymouth 
Altered wheelbase AFX.
This Hilborn was converted to EFI many years ago.

Old mechanical fuel injection - 1

Early GM Corvette mechanical fuel injection
Sounded neat - but it never really worked all that well.

Old mechanical fuel injection - 2

Here's what I started with

Injectors fitted on throttle body side

Other side

Fabricated fuel distribution log

We helped Danney Meyer get his HNRA license

in the FAST Man EFI dragster.

We also posted a video on our Facebook page


Small Block 460" Ford on the dyno
Had to use the customer's headers, but they are nice!
Made almost 700 HP and a ton of low end torque.

Injectors above and below the blower come through again. 
Sweet 900 HP street rod that you can drive coast to coast.

See ... I do more than just Mopars!


Sweet little Generation-1 392 street motor.

Hilborn stacks converted over to EFI.

This engine idled at 750 RPM and 

has a very flat torque curve.

EFI aluminum HEMI with dual throttle bodies
Crank Trigger
and a modified MSD distributor (to create the CAM signal)

750HP on pump gas

Here's a shot of my win at the ET finals on my 65th birthday
with my friends and crew.

This guy looks happy doesn't he?

Cool Supercharged EFI HEMI street motor

The FAST booth at SEMA was B U S Y !!

I've been waiting a long time to finally win at the NHRA ET Finals.
From left to right: Mark (crew), Me, Doc (crew), Mike Rice NHRA Division-7 director.


How's this for a nice street HEMI?

I just finished tuning this beast on the dyno.
We stopped just short of 1500 HP because that's all the dyno could handle.
It's an all aluminum 540" HEMI, with FAST XFI, 160 lb/hr injectors, F3 Procharger, 4500 throttle body, on gasoline.

We stopped at 12 lbs of boost but at the track the customer will go beyond 20 lbs.  
That would put this motor at over 2000 HP.

I just recently completed the restoration of my 1964 Dodge

1000 HP Land Speed Daytona

This is the latest creation from Gary Beineke at 71wingcars.com

It uses the FAST XFI system that Gary and I were able to tune with me sitting here in my office and him back east.
He made his first licensing pass of 181 MPH at the ECTA event (East Coast Timing Association) of the year sponsored by Hot Rod magazine.  You'll see lots of media coverage on this car.


I just converted this M1 manifold to port injection.

The curious thing to notice is that I used the new shorty LS2/LS7 injectors.  These injectors are only 1.5" tall and are high impedance so they work with the new EZ-EFI ECU.
These injectors result in the fuel rails being lower than the flange so the rails will clear any air cleaner.

They flowed within 1% injector to injector and their "on times" were within .01 milliseconds.  This is very consistent performance that's hard to meet with older style injectors.
I think I'm in love with these injectors.

Here's a beautiful customer's car that I recently tuned.
It has won several first place trophies

Below are two pictures of my new 572" pump gas (91 octane) Hemi.
FAST XFI with XIM coil-on-plug controller (no distributor)
Normally aspirated
4500 style throttle body
10.86 compression ratio
Stage-V Millennium heads
Comp solid roller 282/286 @ .050 .700 lift
Converted Indy manifold with 95 lb/hr injectors
MSD LS-1 coils

And here it is in the car ready for test and tune:

This is a very nice street Hemi.

It's a 472" pump gas hydraulic cammed Procharged beast that fits under the hood.

Would you believe this thing made over 1000 HP with 12 pounds of boost.
Yet it idles smooth at 750 RPM.

It's a pump gas 572" on an aluminum KB block with an 8-71.
16 injectors both above and below the blower.
Click HERE to watch it run

This is an example of a typical Stage-V Hemi EFI manifold after I have mounted the fuel rails and plumbed the crossover using black Pro-Lite 350 -8 hose.  The rail hold downs are simple 1/2" aluminum rods.
We added FAST XFI fuel injection to a very unusual engine.
It's an old 331 Hemi in a 1951 Cunningham!
The Cunningham was a very special car that used one of the first 331 Hemis.
The trick with this build was to hide the fuel injectors between the manifold sections and convert the carburetors to throttle bodies.
Most people that see this engine do not know it's EFI.

The Cunningham
(not the same car - shown for example)

The Cunningham Hemi had 4 Stromberg carburetors
on the stock engine.

TPS is mounted off throttle shaft and injectors are 
horizontally mounted from a single fuel rail.
Here's a STEALTH crossram EFI manifold on a Hemi.
When the air cleaners are on, most people cannot tell it's EFI
The is a 540" EFI Wedge.
Sort of unbelievable isn't it.

Yeah - just another typical E-Body convertible with an EFI Hemi running on both E85 and Gas
I have received quite a few emails from people who have heard that I did a crossram to "Stealth EFI" conversion.

This process will soon be published in an upcoming 
issue of Mopar Muscle.
But I added a few pictures to the photo page 
to show a little of this conversion.
I intentionally left out a few pictures and some 
explanatory text, because of the upcoming article.


Here's the beginning

(The intent is to hide everything)

Some injectors inject 
directly into the underlying 
port that crossing over 
from the other side.

#2 and #7 require
special treatment

A special military
connector is required
to handle the heat
and vacuum

The IAC has a home

The covers receive special
hold downs for the rails

Plumbed and ready
for covers

Rear View

A beautiful 64 Hemi Dodge with a
Keith Block aluminum block and dual-plug Stage-V heads.
Yes - It's a crossram manifold converted to EFI with everything hidden, and the carburetors were converted to throttle bodies (The injectors are under the manifold).


Nice 800 HP Vette with FAST Traction Control

This is a really cool customer's EFI car.

It's a third generation 6.1 Hemi, stroked to 426", and running custom F and B 6-pack throttle bodies. 

 The car was shown for the first time at Carlisle.
July 11 - 13 2008


FAST XFI Hilborn Small Block

Here's the car.  Notice two trophies ...
Won both the E-Body Race Class and Best Engine.

Hilborn type EFI really benefits from going sequential.
And since true plug-and-play dual-sync distributors are now available there's just no reason not to go sequential.

This customer ran bank-to-bank first.  He noticed the popping that can occur with a stack type intake because of the random injector timing.  Also, a few cylinders were a little lean because the fuel distribution block was not ideal (we didn't make that), this meant the timing had to be backed off.  After we helped him switch to sequential, the popping went away, and under individual cylinder control he was able to richen up only those cylinders that needed it, thereby allowing the timing to be set where it should be.

Bank-To-Bank Sequential
Timing 26 degrees max 34 degrees
Fuel Distribution Not adjustable Richened 4 cylinders
Street Mileage
+ 5 MPG improvement
ET Consistency +/- .03 +/- .01
Race MPH 105 MPH 108 MPH
Race Temp 190 degrees 170 degrees
This is the 71 Challenger Convertible that won Best Of Show at the Mopar Spring Fling in Van Nuys California last week.
It's an amazing car.  I built the 528 HEMI (~700 HP on dyno without NOS), and installed and tuned the EFI system.
The XFI ECU also controls a 150 HP nitrous shot, and it has traction control, 
and I used the XFI "flex fuel" feature to convert it to run on E85, and it all works!

I did the HEMI on the left and just found out about the car 
it went into. It this one BEAUTIFUL Willys or what?
The pic below with the pipes out the fender is just kick A$$.


Nice little street rod with a 600 HP BB Chevy
and a sequential XFI system

Stage-V HEMI manifold

Ready for the Throttle Bodies!

18 degree small block Chevy manifold
for a 4500 style throttle body.
This one was tough because of the steep angle
of the intake runners.  Normal EFI bungs were
too short, so we had to machine our own.
This is an early picture of our "Pump Gas Bandit"
It's a 500" Mopar running the FAST XFI system
740 HP on 93 octane.

Nice little Small Block Mopar
with a Hilborn
Sequential FAST EFI.


We're supplying Six Pack Manifolds from FB Throttle Bodies.

Check them out at:



Notes on the RACE HEMI to the left:

Race engines should use sequential mode.
Sequential operation requires both a CAM sync pulse, for injector sequencing, and a crankshaft reference signal, for the ECU to compute ignition timing.  
On the race HEMI at the left, I modified the distributor to create the cam signal (one pulse per cam rev).
Then used an MSD crank trigger for the ECU's ignition timing reference pulse.

Another 340 Mopar

Mopar low deck 383

The FAST XFI System

16 plug HEMI with dual FAST throttle bodies

Unique dual throttle body "Coil-On-Plug" HEMI

Hilborn conversion

NOS on the COP HEMI manifold

16 injector EFI HEMI

For a Mopar Muscle Slant-6 article

Custom throttle bodies on a 500" Mopar

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's 500" Mopar

4500 style throttle body on a race HEMI

Typical EFI HEMI manifold

Unique Hilborn conversion

340 Mopar