Engines I've tuned

EFI Six-Pack running FAST XFI

This is the Gen-2 HEMI Six-Pack
in the 1969 Charger.

The new HELLCAT is an amazing engine

Gen-2 HEMI with XFI
540 HP at the wheels

The very cool Iron Worm racing on New Years day with his brand new FAST Man EFI motor.

Cool burnout of the Challenger running the blown HEMI shown below.

Here's that blown HEMI I originally built for a customer. It uses injectors above and below the blower and runs sequential injection with the cam sensor mounted off the gear drive.  It produces right around 1800 HP at a little over 10 lbs of boost.

I have seen some very nice wiring jobs on some cool cars,
but this was something else. This is a picture of what's behind the dash.
For this tuning session the dash was sitting on a table, on the other side of the car,
wired in with an umbilical. Most of this is not EFI related, but it still shows what a wiring expert can do
with time on his hands.

Here's the new coil-on-plug, all aluminum, blown Mopar.
After a few hours I had this puppy singing :^)

  A very cool 572" street HEMI that had the flattest torque curve I ever saw - never dropped below 600 ft lbs from 2500 RPM to red line. 

Awesome street engine, pump gas, dual throttle bodies, hydraulic cam, and FAST XFI.


Here is a shot of that 542" pump gas
torque engine launching a very heavy car.

Here is my old 1964 HEMI Dodge.

I was surprised to find out that the new owner took the car to the famous Hot August Nights in Reno NV.

Barrett-Jackson has a special car show award series called the Barrett-Jackson Cup.

From over 3000 cars the Dodge made it to the final 25.
I was a proud Papa.

This picture was taken from inside a casino where the final 25 were staged.

Here is a shot of the HEMI.

This is the engine I build in my book:
"How to Build Max-Performance HEMI Engines"

Its XFI injected with an XIM controller for the coil-near-plug implementation.

It also has an EDASH so the driver can monitor what the beast is doing.

Here is a 542" Mopar wedge I just finished for a heavy drag car where the owner wanted to run low octane fuel and keep the RPMs down, so I used a large stroke (4.5"), and
I designed a relatively mild cam, with low compression.

Results looked like a DIESEL!

Well over 700 ft/lbs at 4500 RPM
over 700 HP at 6200 RPM.

Got any trees you need pulled out?